Begeisterung als Krisenkompetenz

What you can expect here

My experience is that people who are thriving in their work are pursuing it with a passion from within. And at the same time, I have observed that the road to reach that state is not easy. That’s why only few of us make it to the (bitter) end. Too often, we are facing crossroads before where we have the impression that we have to make an either-or-decision: Will I fill my heart or my wallet? It seems impossible to have both and there comes a point where our heart gives in and the wallet wins over the heart. But nevertheless, there are many stories of people, who were constantly able to let their heart win. The filled heart then somehow magically makes it to attract a filled wallet although it was not even given a priority. I investigated into this sort of magic and came across the mythical Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. With the understanding of the Hero’s Journey, I was able to decode the exciting way how to find your calling and develop your mental strength to turn it into your profession. (The other way round seems way more difficult…)

I combined this decoded recipe for success with the essence of Chinese life philosophy and developed a dedicated approach which I am happy to share with you. It’s my vision to give more people access to the stunning wisdom of the Hero’s Journey, so that we can collectively go our own way with a filled heart and filled wallet and make our world a better place!

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